About Preverco inc.

Founded in 1988, Preverco inc. is a canadian leading manufacturer of high-end solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

The company stands out from the competitors for many reasons :

3 different Hardwood Floor types :

  • Original Series (3/4’’ traditional solid wood floor)
  • Engenius Series (engineered floor composed of a 3/8’’ plywood base and a 1/8’’ hardwood top layer)
  • PreLoc Series (engineered floor like the Engenius Series, with self-locking joints)

Product quality

Preverco has an expertise and uses a unique technology in North America. Moreover, products quality is checked at each production step as we control all of these steps, from sawing to finishing.

Product variety

Preverco offers the widest variety of species, colors, textures, grades, widths and gloss levels. Combinations are countless!

Green products

  • FSC certified (on request)
  • CARB Phase 2
  • Qualify for LEED Credits

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